Thursday, 28 June 2012

Coastal Scent 10 colors Blush Palette

Hello everyone..
yups...I have a free time at the office again. so peacefully work in family business company. I don't have a lot job to do. I feel so boring and start thinking what should I do in my free time instead of blogging, chatting, online shopping. lol..I really want to get out from this situation. I feel so bad, if keep doing the thing like this, you know every month I got salary, but what am I doing here, only playing..lalalala....such a waste of time..(ˇoˇ)-c<ˇ_ˇ) okay forget my rumbling...

This time I want to swatch and review super amazing Coastal Scent 10 colors blush palette...
I got this Coastal Scent 10 Colors Blush palette at Make up brush. I recognize this blush palette from one of my favorite beauty guru at youtube channel, Sasaki Aki from manwomanfilm.

This blush palette is really worth to buy. The packaging is made with black sleek case. kind a look  professional, and It's contains 10 colors blush, Matte and Shimmer.

Swatch on my hand under room light

 what I love?
- Black Matte case
- Contains 10 Colors Blush, The Color is really pretty and I love all of them
- good quality
- affordable price
- strong powdery scent, but it's still ok.

what I hate?
- Quite Pigmented, its Last for 3-4 hours.
- hard to get in Indonesia, I need to wait for 2 weeks pre-order.

will I repurchase?
No. I think I can use this one for a long time. 

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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Chocomania Lip butter

Hello girls? how are you today..Hope you guys having a wonderful day...\(^_^)/
Do anyone know Cocoa/Choco good for skin? We always think that chocolate is very delicious to eat. Cocoa/choco also has many uses for skin care, including moisturizing and aromatherapy.

what is cocoa?
Cocoa is made by fermenting and drying the seeds of the Cacao tree. Cocoa is rich of antioxidant that protect the skin from free radical and toxins.

The benefit of cocoa for skin care.
Cocoa is mainly uses for prevention of dry skin, because cocoa has high content of vitamin E.

I know everyone have known about The Body Shop, I always satisfied with all the body shop's product, because the key ingredients of their product are always made by nature. 
This month The Body Shop introduce new product "Chocomania". I think this product "Chocomania" suppose to be launched on valentine day, why?because on valentine day, we used to give and get chocolate from our lover or friends right? and I think it would be nice to give your sweet love one this "chocomania" look at those below packaging, so lovely and cute.'s kind a too late by launched in the middle of year.  
Taken from
About the product:
cocoa butter comes from pods that are harvested by hand. The beans are extracted, allowed to ferment naturally and dried in the sun. The beans are carefully selected, ground and pressed into butter. cocoa butter comes from cocoa beans harvested by Kuapa Kokoo in Ghana

Taken from
From the website
This buttery balm melts onto the lips for instant hydration. It contains real cocoa butter and has a delicious chocolate flavor.
- Instant hydration
- Buttery texture
- Leaves lips feeling softer and smoother
- Chocolate flavor 

what I love?
- Delicious chocolate flavor, I Love Chocolate so I think, it would be really nice to have chocolate lip butter, and when I apply it on my lip, I feel like eating
- Moisturizing quite nice, somehow I still can feel my lips a bit dry after use it.
- affordable.
- small packaging, easy to carry on.

what I hate?
- Not pigmented enough, I hate to re-apply it again and again, because I need to wash my hand before apply it on my lip. So lazy to do it, so I just leave it at home and used it before I go out.

will I re-purchase?
No, I want to try another lip balm, since I lost my Shiseido Hello Kitty lip balm review here.
so I'm looking for another lip balm, which can heal my super dry lip...any suggestion???

Monday, 11 June 2012

FOTD: Pink and Purple Make up

Hello Everyone...remember my last post FOTD using Coastal Scent 88 Ultra Shimmer Pallete here
I love this amazing Pallete, I always getting confused when I use it..(~_~)"
This time I want to show Pink & Purple Make Up FOTD using Coastal Scent 88 Ultra Shimmer Pallete
as usual suggestion and critic is very welcome. I'm still learning...:)
enjoy. #Sorry this the quality of my picture is a bit blurry, because I used camera phone to take picture of it#
can you see the different my post here. Yes! I cut my hair..but not this never cut my hair like this, and I want to cut my hair like this style. Do I look cute? I cut my hair on last week at Shiny Korean Saloon. The hairdresser is pure Korean girl. At that time I didn't take a picture of her saloon. Next time I will take a picture of it..

What I used:
1. Perfect Cover BB Cream Missha #natural beige# (will review soon)
3. Dream on Pact Etude House #natural Beige# (will review soon)

1. Coastal Scent 88 Ultra Shimmer Eyeshadow Pallete
3. Styling eyeliner Etude House (will review soon)
4. Easy Brow Pencil Etude House (will review soon)
5. Maybelline New York Volum Express Mascara (will review soon)
6. Kai beauty case False Lashes. (will review soon)


What do u think my Make up at this time?
Pink & Purple

Sunday, 10 June 2012

The most Memorable Moment - Graduation Ceremony

hello I promise I will post my graduation picture..I think it's a too late to share it by now.. anyway, actually I have a lot beauty product to review, but I'm lazy to take a picture and swatch it, when I back home from work, I feel so tired, I take a bath, laying on my bed and relieve my stress. I don't want to see my laptop anymore after home from work.
and this time I have free time in the office so I decided to post my Graduation Ceremony picture taken on April 24, 2012 at Movieland Jababeka. OMG, I think its too, passed more than a month.
For me graduation ceremony is like wedding ceremony it's only come once a time in our life, but not for people who take master degree or professor degree  since I don't planning to take master degree, so I think this is the most memorable moment in my life. (-^o^-)
I remember the first time I entered this university, I just graduated high school student, #childish#, Passive, unsocial, lol...YES! that I am, I always go everywhere with my dorm mate, even in the class, I rarely speak to other people, and they thought, I was foreigner, Chinese or Vietnamese, coz I was only talking with the foreign student, never speak to Local student. They start talk in English to when I talk in Indonesia Language, they were very surprise. How come I can speak Indonesia language so fluently? and they were really impressive again when I told them I was from Bali. lol..I know everyone love Bali, The Most Beautiful Island. anyway I change a lot now, I have a lot of lovely friends, become more active, and socialize.
I have a lot of memorable moment with my dorm-mate, class-mate, uni-friend; Sad, happy, Stress, Depressed during mid-term and final exam.
Yes!!! I'm Graduated..really really grateful. \(^o^)/
Here are some picture of mine during graduation day. #taken by my boyfriend#, some with my own camera.
I done my hair at Peter F. Saerang Saloon, may be you want to see the detail of my hairstyle, but I don't take a picture of it..sorry..Highly recommended Peter F. Saerang. 
I done make up by my self. I want to look natural nor too heavy make up, the first time I put false lashes on my (I think you can see the detail of my make up, may be u can see it if I zoom the picture, but too sad I don't have it). 


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Friday, 1 June 2012

FOTD Coastal Scent 88 Ultra Shimmer Pallete

hello girls...welcome to my blog again and welcome June. I hope this month will be better than last month. This month would the most gorgeous and exciting month as usual...I Love June #my birthday is on June# 
Enjoy you day and cheers up ladies..

Today I am not going to have product review, but this time I am going to show my FOTD using coastal Scent 88 Ultra Shimmer Eyeshadow Pallete. I've been purchased it like 2 or 3 month ago, forget when it is actually, I got it from Make Up Brush. click here
I am so lazy to swatch, coz its have too much color in it so I think I will just doing FOTD using Coastal Scent 88 Ultra shimmer Eye Shadow Pallete.

I am not a professional make up artist and I'm planning to learn it soon..
suggestion and critical is very welcome..

 Thank you for visiting


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