Sunday, 5 August 2012

June+July Haul

Hello lovely readers....\\(^0^)// Happy Sunday..
so today I want to show you guys, my Haul from June and July. I think I rarely put my haul in this blog. sorry my bad, lack of posting. 
I am totaly busy during my weekdays. job become more and more complicated. Fighting for the bright future career!!
Birthday gift from my bofriend. 
I can guest for small one, which is a bible. yups I know and I am sure from the first time handed on it. my boyfriend bought it because he known I want to committ to be christian, and before initiating I have to understand every single things about it. so difficult..(~__~)"
for the big one I can't guest it, becoz its too big to guest what is that...lalala..
and I was so surprise when I opening it. "Asus notebook",
my mind toys is coming...lalala...  
I Love Love this  white color "asus notebook". 
This one is absolutely better than my old laptop. lol..
thank you hunnie ♥♥♥ 
Here how the sweetest picutre of my new toy with my lovely teddy bear, I can't sleep without this cute teddy bear beside me. I just realize I never wash it from the first time I got it from my boyfriend as my birthday gift last year. hmmm...(~__~")   
Those background were editted by my boyfriend as well. He is so sweet. ( ♥__♥ )
Thank you so much hunniee..♥♥♥ 
This one is my birthday haul that I bought by my self at SOGO Discovery Shopping Mall. "Masami Shouko". This one is the last stock when I bought this, I've been interested of it since the first time I saw it. look at those black diamond structure. look so professional yet elegant. 
This one I got from the japanese product counter at carefour or hypermart mostly are up to 15.000. Some I got it from Papaya store, which is the first Japanese store in Bali. 
some product of daiso were available in this store too.
Online store haul. 
K-palette 24-H Real Lasting Eyeliner (Super Black)
Dolly Wink eyelashes No.#12
Hello Kitty hair's band
 The Faceshop Haul.
Pomegranate Peeling for hydrated skin
olive for sensitive skin phyto powder in multi cleanser 3in1
Etude House Hello Kitty mini gloss from my boyfriend's cousin. 
she bought it for me from Korea. sweet ♥♥♥
Flazz BCA "Hello Kitty Edition", my sister made it for me. Thank you sis...♥♥♥
Loreal Infallible lip colour, I know some of you may be wondering about this one. I got it from my aunty. This one is lipbalm and liptint in one packaging. I think this one only available in USA. 
Birthday gift from my bestfriend Bella 
"sweet Hello Kitty Pouch".
She bought it from Taiwan. Thank you sweetheart. ♥♥♥ 
Hello Kitty Apron and Chefs hat 
I found this one in the Ace Hardware store. 
Full of "Hello Kitty's kitchen set" available now in the Ace Hardware store,
really want to grab all of it...nyamnyam..
Body Butter and Lip butter from The Body Shop.
"Chocomania" I really want to finish up this body butter, and change to another one,
because the smell of the chocolate is too strong, and I don't like it.
however I love Chocomania Lip butter. click on the link to see the review.
another haul from drugstore
 vivelle Hello Kitty UV whitening body lotion
Vaselin Pure Petrolium Jelly Original
Gatsby moving rubber, I found this one so cute and the apple scents is nice, I saw on the picture show, this one is for the guy who have loose/long hair.
yeah...I know this one is for the man, but I love to use it, when I got bad hair day.

That all my haul during June and July, may be I still have another one, but I forgot what is that, coz too much stuff I bought recently...\\(>__<) //
next time I will put Fashion Haul. 

Thank you for visiting


  1. wahhh.. km bener2 pencinta Hello Kitty yaa.. banyak bgt hello kittynya.. hahaha :D
    ditunggu review dolly wink nya, aku jg trtarik sm yg no 11 dan 12, cm belum rela belinya T.T

  2. Yups...rin..I love hello kitty...
    Malah aku pny mimpi bakalan pny rumh hello kitty...hahahaa...
    Ok d..kmrn aku belinya d veronika wijaya fb online store...kmrn lagi disc.
    jadi aku dptnya lebih murah...skrg mgkn sudah habis d...
    Okay...will review soon...:)

  3. wah great haul <3

    happy birthday to you ^__^
    all the best yaaa :)

  4. ahh sama vivelle hello kittynya kayak punyaku ^^
    seru baca haul post kamu say..lucu2 semua~ pengaruh background hello kittynya :p

  5. Wah ngiler liad kado2nya wi..pengennnnn..haha :p

  6.  yups..iya ni..ayo donk ke bali...:)
    miss you....

  7.  iya..hello kitty body lotion...langsung beli begitu aku liat ini di guardian...:)
    yups...aku pernah liat di haul mu juga sha....:)
    thank you sha....

  8. ah so cuteeeeeeee ^.^
    i love HK too.

  9. Yup...hello kitty sooo cute... I love hello kitty...nice to know you
    Thank you for visiting...

  10. i see many hello kitty :p
    i love the make up case! <3

  11. yupsss.. I love Hello Kitty...^__^
    thank you for visiting


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