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wannabe style making kit

hello girls...hows your weekend...??I hope you guys have a nice weekend..(^__^) mine is like an usual..working on the saturday..hiks... I think I need to adapt with the working situation. I miss my campus life now..I miss being the college student..=) since I have been graduated I need to think about my future though...hmm..I think my next project going to be study make up. I wanna become Make up artist. really hope I can do it and achieve my dream. wish me luck..(>__<)

okay..let go to today review and swatch..
Wannabe Style Making kit, It's from my favorite make up brand "Etude House". Wannabe Style Making kit is a limited edition for winter season since December Last year, and I think it's been sold out in the Korea. I bought this online @ Femmeliciouz Galleries, and Its kind a too late to post it
The illustrator for this cute packaging is Annika Wester. Who is Annika? You can check her blog here
Wanna be style Making Kit - cover
Open the cover - Let's Play Make up
Love the cute packaging
Back side

upper side - Lip&cheeks Cream, 4 Pearl eye shadows, 4 Satin eye shadows
The below side - highlighter cream, Pink&Beige Concealers, & Brown&Black Creamliners and 4 Applicators
Highlighter, cream liner (Brown&Black), Concealer (Pink & Beige)
Pearl Eyeshadow - Light Pink, Violet, Gold Brown, and Silver Whiter
Satin Eye Shadow - Green, Grey Brown, Black and Pink
Lip&Cheeks Cream - Orange and Pink
 what I Love?
- Cute packaging
- Complete Pallete Make-up kit. it's include 8 eyeshadow, 2 lip&cheek cream, 2 creamliner, highlighter, and 2 concealer.
- Light and Shimmer Eyeshadow
- Easy to carry out, small packaging

What I hate?
- The eyeshadow is not pigmented
- lip and cheeks cream makes my lip dry, although I've been using  lip balm. I never put on my cheeks..but I think, it's would be really sticky, so I don't like it.
- The cream-liner, Black and Chocolate cream liner is not waterproof.

will I repurchase?
No, I hope Etude House can produce some product which is not based on the cute packaging.It's should be good quality as well.

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  1. aww packagingnya cute banget.. belinya harga berapa say?

    1. iya...lucu bgt y...suka ama packaging nya...
      256.000 say..:P

  2. This one is so cute! Everything is so sparkly and pretty!

    1. yeah..the eye shadow has shimmer and it's really nice..
      but too bad, it's not
      thank you for visiting...=)

  3. Wow~
    Isn't this one sold out?
    Waaa wanna buy it if this still available >.<

    1. hello nia...
      if you wanna buy it you can check
      it's ready stock..:P

  4. kalau dikasi eye primer juga tetep gak pigmented kah say? :o



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