Saturday, 31 March 2012

Physicians Formula Powder Pallete Mineral Glow Pearls

Hello Everyone...
Today I wanna share Physicians Formula Powder Pallete Mineral Glow Pearl Shade Light Bronze Pearl. I bought this @ keyzee Cosme. They sell a lot of cosmetic which is not available in Indonesia.

Description from the website here
  • Unique palette of multi-colored pearls blends together to create an instantly glowing complexion and a perfectly even skin tone.
  • Real Mineral Pearl Extract delivers a luxurious skin-perfecting effect.
May be worn alone or over makeup. Lightly brush powder over face and neck to even out skin tone. For the most even application, be sure to tap excess powder from brush before applying. For best results on dry to very dry skin, apply moisturizer prior to using powder.

What I like About Physician Formula is They have claims Hypoallergenic, Fragrance free, Paraben free, Dermatologist Approved. Non-Comedogenic. Because sometimes my skin is so sensitive and some cosmetic might be make my skin itchy. I Love Physicians Formula Products. I wanna try another product from physicians Formula. 
see my another post about physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush here



What I like?
- Dermatologist approved, Hypoallergenic, suitable for my sensitive skin type.
- Easy to Blend and turn out natural glowing look.
- can be use for contouring and highlighting

What I hate?
- Not available in Indonesia, So I have to purchase it online.

Will I purchase again?
definitely yes!! 

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Monday, 26 March 2012

Sunday, 25 March 2012

wannabe style making kit

hello girls...hows your weekend...??I hope you guys have a nice weekend..(^__^) mine is like an usual..working on the saturday..hiks... I think I need to adapt with the working situation. I miss my campus life now..I miss being the college student..=) since I have been graduated I need to think about my future though...hmm..I think my next project going to be study make up. I wanna become Make up artist. really hope I can do it and achieve my dream. wish me luck..(>__<)

okay..let go to today review and swatch..
Wannabe Style Making kit, It's from my favorite make up brand "Etude House". Wannabe Style Making kit is a limited edition for winter season since December Last year, and I think it's been sold out in the Korea. I bought this online @ Femmeliciouz Galleries, and Its kind a too late to post it
The illustrator for this cute packaging is Annika Wester. Who is Annika? You can check her blog here
Wanna be style Making Kit - cover
Open the cover - Let's Play Make up
Love the cute packaging
Back side

upper side - Lip&cheeks Cream, 4 Pearl eye shadows, 4 Satin eye shadows
The below side - highlighter cream, Pink&Beige Concealers, & Brown&Black Creamliners and 4 Applicators
Highlighter, cream liner (Brown&Black), Concealer (Pink & Beige)
Pearl Eyeshadow - Light Pink, Violet, Gold Brown, and Silver Whiter
Satin Eye Shadow - Green, Grey Brown, Black and Pink
Lip&Cheeks Cream - Orange and Pink
 what I Love?
- Cute packaging
- Complete Pallete Make-up kit. it's include 8 eyeshadow, 2 lip&cheek cream, 2 creamliner, highlighter, and 2 concealer.
- Light and Shimmer Eyeshadow
- Easy to carry out, small packaging

What I hate?
- The eyeshadow is not pigmented
- lip and cheeks cream makes my lip dry, although I've been using  lip balm. I never put on my cheeks..but I think, it's would be really sticky, so I don't like it.
- The cream-liner, Black and Chocolate cream liner is not waterproof.

will I repurchase?
No, I hope Etude House can produce some product which is not based on the cute packaging.It's should be good quality as well.

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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Girls Day Out

hello ladies...hope you guys have a wonderfull weekend...yeahhh...(>__<)
I went to emporium Pluit Mall last sunday..yeah..I went to meet my friends from primary school in Bali...Nia and guys can check nia's blog here...her blog is really cute. she just start blogging...don't forget to check on her blog...=)
Emporium Mall is near to my house, seems like 10-15 minutes by car if not traffic jam. I asked my brother to drove to Emporium Mall..actually he is a little bit really wanna meet them..I always meet nia when she was back to Bali for holiday, but lusiana I never meet her for like 6-7 years's been so long...and when I saw her...she is look a little bit different looking,taller and fatter..sorry used to be smaller than me before...and now you are bigger than joking around with her...huwaa..I really miss both of them now...wanna meet them up again next time before I back to Bali...
We ate at Seoul Garden Express. The food is 8/10

Bulgogi Chicken -  Bimbibap

Me with Nia at Seoul Garden Express
Me with Lusiana at Seoul Garden Express
Dessert - Yogurt
Me with lusiana at Jco
Me with Nia at Jco
This is what I bought in emporium Pluit...I didn't purchase a lot of things, I have been using a lot of money for my hard cover thesis and treated my office's friends Jco doughnut for the graduation celebration..hiks..T_T Need to save more, however I am still waiting for my 88 shimmer Ultra Pallete from Coastal Scent..I bought from Make up Brush online shop...Lol..I Love Shopping and I can't stop it..=P..
1. Shea Body Butter - I got it free from Body Shop. I exchanged my point with this body butter. my dry skin is freaks me out..I think this the only one body butter can heal my super dry skin. will make a review soon
2. Face Mask from Etude House. They have promo for this month Purchase 5 mask for 60.000 IDR, and small puff for my etude house "Dream on Pact", the  old puff is disgusting, I have been using it for a year and never wash it. so dirty, and I bought the new one.

Etude House - Face Mask
Shea Body Butter

Saturday, 17 March 2012

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