Friday, 28 October 2011

Hello girls...
I will review this soon..

Lioele Miniature Special Set BB cream 
beyond BB + water drop BB+ pearl base + Fresh Sun Screen

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Code B Strong Eye Cream eyeliner

hello ladies....(>_<)..
I am sure everyone have known about etude house. yes!! its the most famous korean brand make up from Korea. I am so in love with korean brand. The first time I knew Etude House brand when I was in Junior High school. Now etude house has changed their concept. Etude House launched really cute product packaging, decorate their store with pink and cute princess concept. Etude house have opened a lot of store in indonesia, such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Medan. So bad, etude house  still hasn't open the store in Bali yet. So I have to buy it at online shop. 

today review is  CODE B Strong Eye Cream Eyeliner from Etude House Strong Black color. I have purchase this cream eyeliner on facebook online shop @D'elegant shop a long time ago and I just can do review for this. let see the review..

CODE B Strong Eye Cream Eyeliner from Etude House Strong Black color with little brush
CODE B Strong Eye Cream Eyeliner from Etude House strong Black color  - Top side

CODE B Strong Eye Cream Eyeliner from Etude House Strong Black color  - Down side

swatch on my hand, its easy to apply and waterproof. 
what I love?
- easy to apply on my eye lids with the little brush
- waterproof, I have ever used from morning till night, and it doesn't smudge.
- The little brush is really soft. sometimes I use the brush to apply white eyeshadow under my eyes to make an effect of bigger eyes. 
- The price is not really expensive. I got it only IDR. 110.000. I think at etude house store may be more expensive. 

what I hate?
- the cream eyeliner inside the jar become dry and have some crack, may be because I have ever leaved it open inside my cosmetic bag for one night. T_T

Sunday, 23 October 2011

VOV Nails Polish

Hello guys...(>_<) 
VOV is korean brand make up cosmetic. some of the product of VOV have cute packaging. I haven't try the make up stuff yet. I only have ever try nail polish. its really long lasting nail polish and the price is not really expensive.
here what I got from VOV cosmetic.
- VOV Nail cone it girls series - Showny purple no.1375
- VOV Classic color song nail - Glitter red no.7184
The first time apply this VOV nail cone it series girl - showny purple, the color come out in soft pink color. after apply for 2-3 times its its turn to purple. sorry I didn't have the swatch on my nails now coz I have mix it with the VOV classic color song nail and its turn into shocking pink. in the picture the color look like red color but its actually shocking pink color..>_< actually I wanna buy is soft pink color, I think the sales girl take me the wrong color me. and I juz realize when I applied on my nails. so bad..T_T but this showny purple look not really bad after mix with glitter red color. 
sorry about my bad camera's lighting and quality. I think I need to buy digital camera or DSLR...need to save more money..hiks..TT
Nail Cone It Girl's Series

Showny Purple

VOV Classic Color Song Nail
Glitter Red
VOV Nail cone it girls series - Showny purple no.1375
What I love ?
- Long lasting (I have been using this for 2 weeks without top coat- u can see in the picture)

What I hate?
- take a long time to dry
- need to apply 2-3 times to get the color I want

VOV Classic color song nail - Glitter red no.7184
What I love?
- glittering red
- easy to apply and decorated

what I hate?
- take a long time to dry

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Jen's first giveaway

hello guys, I found very cute lovely giveaways. click on this link to join...

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sephora Hello Kitty wish-list

konnichiwa...hello guys... I Love Sunday. I know everyone agree with me.
okay.. this time I won't do any product review coz I have no time to do
I just checked website:
I found something so amazing and awesome...^_^ 
Sephora Hello Kitty Collection make me wanna grab all of the collection... too bad I can't get it indonesia so I have to buy it online and wait for a long time Pre-order..
This time I put it as my wish list item.

Disclaimer: The picture do not own by me. 


Hello Kitty Compact Mirror
Hello Kitty Bling Compact Mirror

Hello Kitty Brush Set

Include in this set:
-  Face Brush
- Eyeshadow Brush
- Shader/blending Brush
- Angled Eyeliner Brush
- Lip Brush
- Collectible Hello Kitty Brush Container
Hello Kitty Hand Held Mirror 
Hello Kitty Say Hello Eye Shadow Pallete
Super fun - Happy Fun 
Hello Kitty Apple Cheek Blushing
Charmmy eye Kohl Eyeliner
Hello Kitty Sweet Gloss
Choose color:
1. Apple - (sheer pinky strawberry red)
2. Charmmy - (sheer rose beige)
3. Gold Fish (Sheer light golden tan with shimmer)
4. Grape Frosting (sheer grape with shimmer)
5. Peachy (sheer delicate light peach)
6. Pink Bow (sheer light cool pink)
7. Pink grape fruit (sheer carnation pink with shimmer)
8. Pinkie (sheer bright orchid pink with shimmer)
Charmmy Eyeshadow Stick

Choose Color:
1. Birthday cake - shimmering bronzed brown sugar
2. cookies - dark chocolate
3. cotton candy - shimmering warm plum
4. cream puff - shimmering pastel purple
5. Cupcake - shimmering warm golden beige
6. Fish bowl - shimmering bright turquoise
7. Friendship - shimmering cool light beige
8. Kimono - shimmering rich navy
9. Sweet Lavender - shimmering lilac
10. Overalls - shimmering golden saphire
11. Playground - shimmering deep slate gray
11. Snow Flake - shimmering silver
12. Sour Apple - shimmering golden forest green
13. Tea Cup - shimmering golden medium brown
Hello Kitty Big Smile Gloss
a sweetly scented lip gloss in a fun-to-use click stick

Choose color:

1. Cheery - medium warm pink
2. Grape Candy - medium violet with iridescent shimmer
3. Lollipop - rich hot pink
4. Peach pie - sheer peach with iridescent shimmer
5. Purple bow - juicy berry
5. Smoothie - light cool pink with iridescent shimmer
6. strawberry gum - carnation pink with iridescent shimmer
7. sun kissed - light brown sugar with iridescent shimmer
8. watermelon - flaming pink with iridescent shimmer

Hello Kitty Glittercute eyeliner

Choose Color: 
1. Coin Purse -  silver with silver micro glitter
2. grape soda - dark lilac with silver micro glitter
3. happy sails - royal blue with silver micro glitter
4. Hello sunshine - shimmery gold with micro glitter
5. night sky - black with silver micro glitter
6. sand box - chocolate brown with gold micro glitter
7. teapot - shimmering cooper with gold micro glitter
8. shimmering slate gray with silver micro glitter

Hello Kitty Body Splash
Hello Kitty Fragrance Rollergirl Rolleball
Hello Kitty Fragrance
Hello Kitty Solid Perfume Necklace

Shimmering Powder and Eye Shadow Palette
Hello Kitty Noir Eye shadow and lip gloss palette
A deluxe palette containing 25 eye shadows and 10 lip glosses. 

Hello Kitty Intense Perfume
Noir 5-Piece of Brush set -  Black

This set contains:
- Face Brush
- Eyeshadow Brush
- Shader/Blending Brush
- Angled Eyeliner Brush
- Lip Brush
- Collectible Hello Kitty Container 

Noir Compact Mirror - Ruby
Noir Compact Mirror - Black
Noir Hand Held Mirror
Hello Kitty Noir Make Up Bag Collection
Noir Rollergirl Rollerball
Noir Paddle Brush
Noir Wide Tooth Comb
Liquid Nail Art

choose color:
1. Red Sparkle
2. Gold Sparkle
3. Night Sparkle
4. Silver Star
5. Banana Cream
6. Blueberry
7. Bubble Gum
8. Frosted Cupcake
9. Ice cube
10. Minty
11. Pink Sprinkle
12. Purple sprinkle
Thank you for reading.

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