Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Girls Day Out

hello ladies...hope you guys have a wonderfull weekend...yeahhh...(>__<)
I went to emporium Pluit Mall last sunday..yeah..I went to meet my friends from primary school in Bali...Nia and guys can check nia's blog here...her blog is really cute. she just start blogging...don't forget to check on her blog...=)
Emporium Mall is near to my house, seems like 10-15 minutes by car if not traffic jam. I asked my brother to drove to Emporium Mall..actually he is a little bit really wanna meet them..I always meet nia when she was back to Bali for holiday, but lusiana I never meet her for like 6-7 years's been so long...and when I saw her...she is look a little bit different looking,taller and fatter..sorry used to be smaller than me before...and now you are bigger than joking around with her...huwaa..I really miss both of them now...wanna meet them up again next time before I back to Bali...
We ate at Seoul Garden Express. The food is 8/10

Bulgogi Chicken -  Bimbibap

Me with Nia at Seoul Garden Express
Me with Lusiana at Seoul Garden Express
Dessert - Yogurt
Me with lusiana at Jco
Me with Nia at Jco
This is what I bought in emporium Pluit...I didn't purchase a lot of things, I have been using a lot of money for my hard cover thesis and treated my office's friends Jco doughnut for the graduation celebration..hiks..T_T Need to save more, however I am still waiting for my 88 shimmer Ultra Pallete from Coastal Scent..I bought from Make up Brush online shop...Lol..I Love Shopping and I can't stop it..=P..
1. Shea Body Butter - I got it free from Body Shop. I exchanged my point with this body butter. my dry skin is freaks me out..I think this the only one body butter can heal my super dry skin. will make a review soon
2. Face Mask from Etude House. They have promo for this month Purchase 5 mask for 60.000 IDR, and small puff for my etude house "Dream on Pact", the  old puff is disgusting, I have been using it for a year and never wash it. so dirty, and I bought the new one.

Etude House - Face Mask
Shea Body Butter


  1. TBS shea body butter is really good for dry skin, I hope it can solve you skin’s problem.
    You and your friends look pretty ^^

    1. Thank you shasha...I read your blog before about shea body butter review..
      its makes me wanna purchase this body butter again..coz I have stopped used this body butter and change to another skin care and its make my skin become drier...

      thank you for the review shasha...

    2. sama-sama.. senang bisa membantu~~ semoga cocok juga sama body butternya ^^

  2. Ahhh looking at the food made me so hungry >_<
    You and your sister are really pretty!


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