Thursday, 28 June 2012

Coastal Scent 10 colors Blush Palette

Hello everyone..
yups...I have a free time at the office again. so peacefully work in family business company. I don't have a lot job to do. I feel so boring and start thinking what should I do in my free time instead of blogging, chatting, online shopping. lol..I really want to get out from this situation. I feel so bad, if keep doing the thing like this, you know every month I got salary, but what am I doing here, only playing..lalalala....such a waste of time..(ˇoˇ)-c<ˇ_ˇ) okay forget my rumbling...

This time I want to swatch and review super amazing Coastal Scent 10 colors blush palette...
I got this Coastal Scent 10 Colors Blush palette at Make up brush. I recognize this blush palette from one of my favorite beauty guru at youtube channel, Sasaki Aki from manwomanfilm.

This blush palette is really worth to buy. The packaging is made with black sleek case. kind a look  professional, and It's contains 10 colors blush, Matte and Shimmer.

Swatch on my hand under room light

 what I love?
- Black Matte case
- Contains 10 Colors Blush, The Color is really pretty and I love all of them
- good quality
- affordable price
- strong powdery scent, but it's still ok.

what I hate?
- Quite Pigmented, its Last for 3-4 hours.
- hard to get in Indonesia, I need to wait for 2 weeks pre-order.

will I repurchase?
No. I think I can use this one for a long time. 

Thank you for visiting
Love - wei_goddess


  1. seems to be a very nice pallete :). i want this one too.. which color is the best?

    1. yups..really nice palette...
      you can purchase it at make up brush.
      search it on fb. The owner is really nice
      I Love all the pretty...I usually use the second row no.2, when I create some natural look. I will put FOTD using this palette on the next post...

  2. I always wanted to buy this, but not sure that I should buy it or not hehehe XD
    The Hot Pink one is so pretty ^^
    thanks for your review wei :)

    1. yups...if you are looking for a lot of blush in one palette, I suggest to purchase this I was on Budget at that time, so I take a decision to purchase this one, instead of buy a lot of different blush with different brand.. and I have a plan to learn make up, so this blush can be use for practicing before we go pro and change to mufe, mac, or other high price make up brand..:)

      thank you for visiting
      My name is Dewi btw...nice to know you..=P

    2. yup, for Now I'm not reaching for high end makeup
      and I don't have any Mufe or Mac products in my stash, since there're so pricey.
      maybe in the future, I would try them :)
      I actually really often visiting your blog, but not often leaving comment on your post. *silent reader* lol
      my name is via,and Nice to know you too dewi ^^


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