Sunday, 12 February 2012

Lioele Miniature special set

hello girls...I am back to dormitory again...really boring here, no television, slow internet wifi, nothing to do except going to campus to have individual class with my lecture for an hour and back to dorm again, sleep, wake up, and eat...I really don't know how to do..this campus is really drive me so crazy, the most annoying things is I have done my thesis, but I can't submit it..I have to wait until I upgrade my grade score and this make me really desperate, that why I have to back to live in dormitory and take an individual class for everyday. surprisingly my lecture is kind, he just gave me an assignment for a weeks, so I don't have to go to campus for everyday..fiuhh..  I hope I can finish it asap....
sick for this situation now...fighting!!! I wanna show you what I bought from lioele cosmetic Indonesia.  I have tried it for several time and I love it...this is only small size, so can bring it on traveling...
contained item:
- Lioele Fresh sun Screen SPF 45/PA ++
- Lioele Blooming shimmer Pearl Base
- Lioele Beyond the solution BB Cream
- Lioele Water Drop BB

front side
Back Side
inside the box
Little swatch on white paper

1. Lioele water drop BB SPF27, PA ++
bb cream and moisture, water droplet moisture supply provides fresh and natural skin glow. simultaneous blocking of UVA and UVB

How to use:
after skincare done, apply proper amount on the face and spread evenly

What I love?
- my skin tone is combination, dry and oily skin. it's really work on my face. I feels my face more fresh and smoother.
- at the first time I used this BB cream I feel like this BB cream contains some water inside, so its kinda feel like you splashed water onto your face which was refreshing. Love it!!!
- great for everyday use (highly recommended for you who live in tropical season like Indonesia).
- no thick testure
- double protection UVA and UVB SPF 27/PA++

what I hate?
- less coverage.

2. Lioele Beyond the solution BB cream
great coverage+water supply. long lasting BB cream soothes and keeps skin smooth and less oily for fair complexion 

How to use:
after skincare done, apply proper amount on the face and spread evenly

what I love?
- great coverage
- have brightening effect, for some people who have pale skin tone, might be for the first time when applying on face will feel like too bright or white, but after few minutes the shades BB cream will blend with my skin. so don't worry girls!!
- have a really nice smell.
What I hate?
- it's have thick texture

3. Lioele blooming shimmer pearl base
shimmering pearl difuse light for radiant skin makeup, amino acid and vitamin E hydrate skin deeply.

How to use:
after applying sun protection, spread evenly on the face or mix it with BB cream or foundation

What I love?
- pink color
- shimmering on my face, it brightening my face without give some oily texture
- its make my make up become long lasting
- good smell

4. Fresh sun screen SPF 45/PA ++
strong waterproof suncream products both UVA and UVB for all day long. green tea and rosemary extract help shooting skin.

How to use:
after skin care, apply proper amount on the face and spread evenly

What I love?
- have UVA and UVB at once effectively protect my skin, SPF 45/PA++
- no gressy feeling
- waterproof
- soothing formula for sensitive skin

will I repurchase it again?
yes I will purchase it one by one next time. This is only small packaging, good to bring it on traveling. overall this Miniature BB cream has satisfied me and make me wanna purchase big packaging. Love it..


  1. Your blog is so cute :)
    Thanks for the review ^^ I will give these a try later..

  2. Thank you....nice to know you
    sure, u should try it...
    these BB cream are really nice

  3. very cute blog i like how the mouse cursor turns into wings! the packaging is ultra cute!

  4. very cute!
    visit shpnudebeige for makeup adn clothes sale:)

    1. Thank you...
      I will visit your blog..:)

  5. Interesting package! Ini belinya di ol shop kah? where did you get it, I think I might wanna try too ;p


    1. thank you yuri..
      iya..ini aku beli di OL shop..
      skrg jg da store nya di ciputra mall jakarta..tapi belum sempat kesana..:(

  6. thank you for review.. yang paling bagus mana nih?

  7. smuanya aku
    bb cream yg paling the best lioele water drop bb cream...
    pas pake da sensansi yg bikin fresh..kalo dipake seharian juga gak bisa mukaku yg oily and dry skin lengket2...Top recommended..


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