Thursday, 20 December 2012

Recent Haul October and November

Hello everyone..
I've been so busy recently, sorry my beauty blogger's friends..
I miss you all and my lovely blog..^0^
Here I wanna show you my recently haul from October to November. 
 Maybelline - Color Sensational Lip Color.
 Max Factor -  The first time purchase this brand and been fell in love with it
amazing!! I will be review soon.
 Miscellaneous things.
D'eyeko Cherrybelle False Lashes, I got it free from D'eyeko - review soon
Maybelline Baby lips
Hello kitty Wallet.
 The Most waiting and amazing Haul
Urban Decay Naked Palette 2- will be review soon.
Hello Kitty Wallet 
These are from my boyfriend, He bought it for me, when He visited Malaysia last November.
Thank you hun...:*
 I bought these all Hair accesories and False lashes from 
The last Haul in November from DKNY
Empress Sean John Eau de Perfume
Unforgivable The fragrance for Men from Sean John.
I will be giving Unforgivable for my boyfriend as Christmas Present.
I got those purse and Empress Sean John Travelling size for free.

Thank you for visiting my Blog.

with Love


Sunday, 2 December 2012

Monday, 26 November 2012

Giveaway from ce lulu

Hello everyone..
let's join this pretty and awesome giveaway from ce lulu
click link here

The prize:
1. Gantungan kunci Anna Sui beserta pounchnya
2. Miniature Perfume Anna Sui Forbidden Affair
3. Hand cream Anna Sui
4. Vial perfume from Anna Sui (rock me) + Vial perfume from Juice Couture
good luck for everyone..:)

Friday, 23 November 2012

Monshu girl Look a like - Shu Uemura

Hello everyone...
I just know this Mon Shu girl look a like contest few day ago..
and today is the last day..yups, 
I did this make up last night and just edit by today...
here I show my Mon Shu Look a like by me..
Hope all of you like it..^^

I think the light is too bright so, my eyeshadow look like grayness...T_T and this is the first time I used red Lipstick, I think a bit messy..

With Love,


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Make Up Forever White Definition SPF 30/PA++

Hello Everyone...
If you  guys following my last, last last post before, You guys might been known my Make up Forever Haul, as I am promise, I will review one by one all of those Mufe Haul. almost forget about this promise. so this time I will fulfill my promise to my lovely readers..Thank you for those who keep updating with my^^

Make Up Forever White Definition SPF 30/PA++
Instant Brightening Powder Foundation 
This is my super Holy Grail powder pact, I love love love this powder pact from Make Up Forever. 

Description from Make Up Forever:
Created in France in Partnership with Japanese Laboratories, White Definition is truly the expert instant brightening powder foundation Asian women have been waiting for.

It's state-of-the-art formula, which contain an optimum blend of the finest quality powders and pigments, and also incorporates high-level UVA/UVB protection, reconciles three apparently irrenconcilable qualities to ensure the professionally perfect result for which MAKE UP FOREVER is renowned.

as you guys knowing that, the weather in Bali is really hot, hot and hot. I have to protect my skin from those sun burn.  I hate to apply sunblock on my face too, because some of the sunblock will make my face feel more sticky and oily. T_T. I always skip sunblock for my daily make up, and I know this one not good for my skin...I need to change this be next time.

and Thanks for the God, one of my favorite brand Make Up Forever created sun protection for the powder foundation. for everyday make up, I am also lazy to apply primer, foundation, such a wasted time, so basically I will skip those step and I will goes directly with this powder foundation and concealer, which is I think it's enough for everday look. \\(^o^)//`. that why I said this one is super HG powder foundation. but the price is very expensive. T_T

 The Packaging is pretty ellegant with sophisticated and white glossy cover. 

 It  comes with a unique double-sided sponge: 
- flocked for a sheer finish, and 
- a sponge side for a more long-wearing, shine-defying finish.
The colors is pretty close to my skin tone. so it will created more natural finish look.
the powder texture is chalky and create medium to full coverage.

What I love?
- Elegant Packaging.
- contained SPF 30PA++
- Powder and foundation, all in one.
- created semi flawless look.
- Double side sponge: Rubbery part and flocked side
- didn't break me out and oxidize.
- wide mirror
- brightening my skin.

What I hate?
- pricey.

Will I repurchase?
yes, absolutely.

Color Sensational Lipcolor - Maybelline

Hello everyone...lack of posting as always, I don't remember when the last time I posted. lol....I'm kind of busy and make up class, so tiring me...T_T..

I wanna share with you that I just found great Lipcolor from maybelline. This is the first time I have Maybelline lipstick. actually I'm looking for lip palette, becuase I'm learning Make up now, I need to have a lot of lip colors, however I couldn't find the best one, do you guys have any suggestion for lip palette? but still with affordable price...\\(^0^)//` 

I decided to try the New Sensational Lipcolor from Maybelline, which is really really satisfying with the color, and pigmentation. I love it. The color is pretty Natural, Sexy, Brownies, and Pinkies. Since I'm looking for shocking red, pink and orange colors, I choosen;

#625 Are you Red-dy -  The colors turn out a little bit orange and pink on my lips, still look natural, not too over. I love it..-^o^-

#515 Coral Crush -  This colors turn out orange and look so natural on my lip.

#065 Hooked on Pink - I love this color, the first time swatch on my hand, the color look like pretty dark pink and purplies colors, but when I applied on my lips, the color turn pretty pink color.

 what I love?
- Nice Pigmentation, about 4-5 hours. 
- Rich shade of colors choice, I was confusing at the Maybelline counter that time, choosing those all lovable lip colors.
- glide on Smoothly and shiny finish look.
- affordable price.

What I hate?
- Packaging is just simple and look cheap.

Will I repurchse again?
yes, I wanna have another colors. 

Monday, 5 November 2012

I choose Urban Decay Naked Palette - Lovely Lue

Aloha...Everyone, How are you?
sorry I didn't do much posting on last month. since my make up lesson already start, I've been busy with it, so tired, but still learn Make up is fun. I will stay awake till 12o'clock midnigth when I'm doing Make up. so fun with it..I super love love love Make Up...
ok, my lovely reader, I will be showing my make up lesson result next time, when I have free time like today, 
so this time, I wanna share one giveaway, that I've been waiting for it. I want to win Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette. so in love with all those colors, I love smokey eyes, cat eyes, etc. 
Here it is Lovely Lue giveaway check her blog here.

Pilihan 2 : Urban Decay NAKED 1 Palette
Hadiah ini worth IDR = 675.000
Syarat-Syarat bagi yang memilih hadiah ini :
1. Follow my blog via GFC
2. Tulis mengenai Giveaway ini di blog kalian dan Jawab beberapa pertanyaan ini :
a. Kenapa kamu follow blog ini?
Aku sudah followed blog nya ce lulu sudah lama si, udah lupa sejak kapan, pertama kali lihat make up cat eyes ce lulu itu sudah merasa, wow this girl is gorgeous with her make up, juga hasil DIY nya ce lulu benar2 kreatif dan keren-keren, aku juga suka gaya tulisan ce lulu yg memang sangat to the point pada readers nya, itu juga menyemangati readers nya dengan tutorial DIY, yg dimana kalau kita membelinya pasti akan sangat mahal, tp hasil DIY ce lulu itu sangat elegant dan super keren, yang lain daripada yang lain. juga make up haul ce lulu, yg tiap bulan pasti bikin ngiler kalau lihatnya. seneng rasanya punya blogger's friend yang ramah dan super bisa seperti ce lulu. Terima kasih ce lulu. 
b. Kenapa kamu memilih hadiah ini?
Aku suka banget yang namanya Urban Decay Naked Palette, sedari dulu pengen sekali beli ini, tetapi harganya yang super mahal, selalu menahan diri, jadi aku promise to my self, I definitely will get this Urban Decay Naked Palette next time. pas lihat ini adalah hadiah giveaway dari ce lulu, dengan segera aku belajar bikin cat eye dari guru private make up ku, jadi aku bisa buat satu cat eyes yang seperti ce lulu. walaupun gak sebagus ce lulu si, tp nanti aku pasti bisa jadi seperti ce lulu, yg punya Make up studio. I surrender all to my God, Jesus I Love you...
c. Create 1 look yang menjadi look yang paling gw suka yang uda mendarah daging juga..Yaitu CAT EYES..
This is my Cat eye looks, not same as her, 
I think my grey eyeshadow is slightly invisible...T_T

Saturday, 3 November 2012

giveaway from Bell's Etude house

Hello everyone.
I'm joining the first giveaway from 

I want to win this giveaway because I love Etude House product, the packaging and quality is absolutely the best. and look at the giveaway price, I think it could be easier for me if I want to create Smokey eyes with those black, grey and white eyeshadow, and complete the look with the black eyeliner. I this Yessy choose the best for her first giveaway. smart choice dear.
I followed her blog, when I saw her ulzang style, and I love her make cute and natural. about her blog, is pretty with those pink background. somehow, it's just to bright..
if you want to join click on link above, and visit her blog here
good Luck for everyone...:)

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Missha Perfect BB Cream

Hello everyone...How are you my lovely readers? today's weather is really hot, hot, hot and hot. yups, I know It's Bali, everyday is holiday and summer, although it's suppose to be rainy season in Indonesia, if I have no mistaken, when I was in Jakarta during September-December is rainy season but why?Bali..whoaahh, I really can't live without Air-conditioner anymore, as I know this one is not good for my dry skin, might be can make my skin even drier, TT, However what should I do, I can't stand with hot weather. 

so, my lovely readers, today I am going to share with you Missha Perfect Cover BB cream, since the first time knowing this BB cream I fall in love with it, mostly I read this BB cream is perfect to cover acnes scars, and imperfection, as well as for combination skin type is a good choice, my skin type is dry and oily.

From the website:
The M Perfect Cover BB Cream gives an even and natural-looking coverage with the soothing, moisturising properties of a cream. It is suitable for all skin types including acne-prone skin, and can be used as a makeup base or foundation.  Whitening + Anti-Wrinkle + UV Protection (SPF 42 PA+++)

My thought about this product:
This BB cream is suit to my skin type, Combination dry and oily. I choose my Shade No. 23 - Natural Beige. The first time of applying this BB cream, the color might be become too grayish color and our face will look too pale, but after 5-10 minutes this BB cream will be blended with our skin tone. I have ever trying this BB cream on my Make up Lesson  for dark skin tone, after that I apply darker foundation on this BB cream, The color turn out really nice and have some glowing effect. The finish is really smooth and dewy. This BB cream also contains SPF 42  PA+++, so I think I don't have to use sunblock anymore. 

What I love?
- easy to spread all over my face and blend it
- Contains SPF 42 PA+++,  so I don't have to use sunblock before it. 
- The price is affordable, I bought it on the Online store. Sorry I Forgot the exact price. 
- The oil control is quite good, after 4-5 hours my face start getting oily around my T-zone area, but I think I'm still ok with this.

What I hate?
- Quite covering my acne scars, the name is M Perfect cover BB cream, it suppose to be giving the perfect covering all the imperfection right, and creating dewy finish look, but I think it's depend on people skin type too.
- Quite Moisturizer, because I always have some peeling skin around my nose, after apply this M perfect cover BB cream, the peeling look more visible.

Will I repurchase?
yes, I think I wanna try another shade, light beige.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

When the blue meet Yellow

Hello everyone, so random for today, actually I want to write product review, but I'm just too lazy for it, so I think I just post OOTD with new purse from brand " Tods ". kinda wierd of brand's name dad bought it for me last month, as you know this one were the first yellow's purse/bag that I have ever had, 
The first time I saw this purse, my heart thinking, ewww, Yellow, I hate Yellow. but after taking closer look, I think this purse were so pretty and nice color. The shape for this bag is really nice as well as simple yet look elegant, but too bad, It just too small, 
I love use big bag, because I can put everything I want to bring in those big bag, but sometimes, I need to change my style, so I asked my dad to buy it for me, spoiled me a lot dad, I have been working, I should buy it by my self, but I need to save more for Make up class's budget. after start I still need to have more budget for the Make up stuff. T_T

I still learn how to setting the lighting for taking picture in my room, and editing the lighting and color from the photoshop, sorry if some picture look blurry. my bad..:-( 

I wear this outfit when I was going out with my boyfriend to celebrate our anniversary day. We went to eat at Fish and Co. I love the place and the food is really yummy, I recommended The best fish and Chip in town, Is the best and I love it, however the prize is quite expensive, anyway I love it, and I will back to there again and again. I don't have the picture in me, it's in my boyfriend's phone. 
Don't forget to join this giveaway. 
congratulation for janet for 300k hits celebration. 
wow such an amazing achievement!!keep blogging dear..:)
Thank you for visiting 
with love,

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Giveaway from Rini Cesillia

Hello everyone, 
I'm in office right now, no one in my office room right now, only me here...hmmm...~_~
and I think I don't have too much work so I just posting about this giveaway from my sweet blogger's friend. 
 To celebrate her b'day on last september, so she giveaway this gorgeous giveaway..hope I can win it...
btw Happy B'day Rin, sorry for belated happy b'day..:)
good luck for everyone..>_<

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Make Up Forever HD Primer

Hello Everyone...
Before we start make up, I'm sure all of you have been familiar with Base/primer.
Today I want to share with you "Make Up Forever HD Primer". First of all, I want to say I like all the Make Up Forever High Definition series, It's just too awesome, I want to try all of their product from High definition series. I have had their Primer, Foundation and Powder, what else should I try? hmmmm...may be the blush, kind a curious for it as well.
Make Up Forever HD Primer.
What it is?
"A lightweight, oil-free complexion corrector that enhances the skin's texture and primes the skin for makeup application"

What it does?
"HD Microperfecting Primer deeply nourishes, moisturizes, and softens the skin, creating a glowing effect. Creates a protective layer on the skin allowing foundation to glide on easily and last longer."

My Thought about it?
The first basic of Make Up before Foundation, definitely we need base or primer. Primer can make our make up last longer. I choose this Make Up Forever HD Primer, because the texture is not creamy and thick. Really easy to blend and glides smoothly on my face. The finishing is really soft and smooth, and I feel my face so fresh  and glowing after use this. The scent is really nice like a floral scent. Some people might be dislike for the scent, but I enjoyed it.

How to use?
I use this primer after moisturizer, and I used to apply it with clean finger, blend it to all over the face, and use a bit more on the T-spot are for oily skin type.

The Make Up Forever HD Primer's Shade:
0- Neutral: Add natural luminosity to the skin
1- Green: Minimizes redness
2- Mauve: Counteracts swallow undertones
4- Caramel: Combats ashy looking skin in medium to dark complexions
5- Blue: Adds radiance to fair skin and reducing appearance of minor imperfections
6- Apricot: Lightens darker complexions
7- Pink: Brightens the complexion and counteracts with swallow undertones
I got mine is number #0 which is neutral color, for all skin tone.
What I love?
- Soft and smooth finishing
- come with a lot of shade, depend on our skin tone/type. I choose my shade is #0, which neutral color. suit for all skin tone
- Packaging simple and look so professional
- come with pump and easy to press it out
- Easy to blend 
- Makes my Make up Last longer.
- Give glowing effect after use this primer

What I hate?
- Expensive, but worth to buy.

Will I repurchase? 
yes, I want have another shade Pink, Apricot, anf green.

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