Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Blogger appreciation award

Thank you for given me award...It's so amazing...I couldn't expected that people will give me an
I got this award from two lovely you very much dear...:)
Thank you to ♥.caroline.♥ who gave me this award. She is look like Japanese cute..her blog is really cute as well..simple pink and elegant as well. keep in touch..:)
and also Thank you to Rini Cesillia  who also gave me this award...she is really pretty...her blog is really nice...She write good and complete review for any product she's been it..keep in touch...=)

So what is the rules of this award?
1. Thank the person who have you the award with their blog link on your post.
2. Answer the following 4 questions.
3. Award the blogger appreciation award as many readers/commenter/followers as you’d like.
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Questions and answers:
1. How long have you been blogging?
I've started blogging like last year. the first time who introduced me to blog is my bf. I love to write my expression and rumbling on my diary or any paper I found. I just write everything I fell at that time and keep and one day I let my boyfriend to read what I write. then he suggested me to make blog for us. instead of writing on note book. we can write our feeling, expression, what we have done, routine activity, memorable moment, place we;ve been together, etc. thus we can always remember our sweet moment together and we have it on all is in private. only us can read thank you hun.I love blogging now. I created this beauty blog last year.

2. What are 1-2 reasons why you started blogging?
I started blogging because, I love to write my expression and I wanna share my experience and knowledge about beauty addiction to the I also want to build socialization among beauty blogger. :)

3. What types of blog do you like to follow/read?
Beauty blog of course, because it can give me more knowledge for my beauty addiction.

4. What is 1 thing you would like to improve on as a blogger/on your blog?
writing skill. you know I love to write my blog in English, because I want everyone could understand my review. so please forgive me if I wrote wrong grammar, spelling and some word you guys don't understand. I also want to improve my photo quality, sometimes the picture too bright or too dark and blurry

Now I proudly present this award to:

Thank you for reading..
I not feeling well today. I got fever yesterday, I can't sleep until 3 A.M on two days ago..and I just can write blog today. I feel really stress out right now. I hate live in here. I want back to home so badly. I just have to wait for a weeks for my graduation ceremony and here my freedom come.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Precious BB Cream Mineral SPF30/PA++ Sheer Glowing Skin Etude house

Hello lovely ladies...
today I wanna share my first BB cream, I have it since February last year, purchase at the Etude House Counter. I got 50% discount that day. I heard some people told nicely about bb cream, I was curious to try it on, so this is my first time purchase of BB cream, The second time is my Lioele miniature set BB cream. it you haven't read my review click here
I love those Lioele Water Drop and Beyond Solution BB cream more than this one. I rarely use this bb cream, Because I think this BB cream isn't recommended for my combination skin type which is oily-dry skin. every time I used this Precious BB Cream Mineral  SPF30/PA++ Sheer Glowing Skin Etude house my skin feel like sticky, dry and I feel uncomfortable. This BB cream give some glowing effect to my face. 

Precious Mineral BB Cream All Day Strong promotes silky complexion and brightened look with pearl infused sheer coverage. Improved SPF protection with hypoallergenic and oil-free formula.

SPF30 / PA++ UV protection
Anti-Wrinkle & Whitening Properties
Anti-Darkening Properties 

#1 Sheer Silky Skin (Matte Finish, Normal-Dry skin type)
#2 Sheer Glowing Skin (Dewy Finish, Glowing effect, shimmering, Normal-dry skin type)*
#3 Sheer Flawless Skin (Semi Matte finish, high Coverage) 

Mine is Shade #2 Sheer Glowing Skin 
The Real size-packaging is cute
Front Side
Back side

Share no.2 Sheer Glowing Skin
Blend it ^o^
Give glowing effect to my skin tone, might be you can't see the difference becoz of the super bright lighting. 

What I like?
- easy to get in my country
- easy to apply and blend
- quite cute packaging
- Glowing effect after used.

What I don't like?
- Not recommended for Combination Oily-dry skin type
- Less coverage, I hope it's give Dewy finish look.
- no oil control. after stay outdoor for 3-4 hours, I feel my face become sticky and oily.
- the pump is hard to control. sometimes its hard to pump it out.

Will I Repurchase again?
No. I'm looking for another brand BB cream with high coverage, anti wrinkle,and heal my acne scars
any suggestion?

Thursday, 12 April 2012

I' m so jelly ♥♥ Happy 1 year anniverssary♥♥

Hello lovely ladies...I'm Joining this giveaway...hope I can win..
to enter click link here
thank you...=)

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Water in Lip Shiseido Hello Kitty

Hello ladiess....How's your long weekend..I hope you guys enjoy...I can have fun a little bit..I went to senayan city yesterday..I didn't take any picture, really want to buy a camera now..I'm sick of my blackberry Phone camera. lol...I leave my camera in Bali. I put Nikon J1 as my wishlist. it's a mini Dslr. I want the pink one..hopefully I can get it by this year...I mean..I will get it...\(- '⌣' -)/