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Fresh Cherry Tint Etude House Review and Swatch

Aloha sista...sorry for lack of updating my blog...however I'm keeping update and reading all updated blog by other beauty keep in touch lovely'm so exciting....I back to my hometown now...Finally Here I come BALI...the most exciting and amazing place am back all beauty blogger...back then I have graduation ceremony, so late to update the picture by now..but I will post in the next post later, after I get all my picture from my

Today I'm going to review and swatch

Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint

from the website:
Milky smooth texture in cherry tinted colors to accentuate lips with a naturally blushed and moist look.
I've been searching for lip tint like this, I'm planning to get tony moly one. as I saw from online store at facebook the price is really cheap, compare to this etude house lip tint...but because I got 50% disc+50.000 for purchase more than 100.000 so I bought this lip tint, I forget the price, but I think is worth it..\(^_^)/ hopefully this one better than tony moly one... I am falling in love with this lip tint, it's turn out really natural. This lip tint moisturize my dry lip as well, even though I didn't use any lip balm, this lip tint doesn't give any dry sensation or cracked Love it and highly recommended =)

The front-side box
The real size-content 9g
I love this color, it's turn out very natural
swatch on my hand - love the creamy testure
I put some water and cleansing oil , but it's still on my hand, but don't worry after wash my hand for a few time, it'll be remove by itself
apply on my lip using applicator
Love it <3 ,  look so natural
 what I love?
- the color turn out really natural and pigmented
- can be apply on my lip and cheeks.
- creamy texture and moisturized our lip.

What I hate?
- Nothing

repurchase? yes I will repurchase another shade color, its come with 3 shade color. Red, Pink and Peach.

have you ever try it???How do you feel???
Thank you for visiting


  1. better than tony tint?? wow, pengen nyoba juga nanti!!

    1. masi belum tau ni lebih bagus dari tony moly ato gak..karena aku sndiri blm pernah coba yg tony moly..tapi hrgnya tony moly si lebih murah dari Etude house ini...
      mgkn lain kali aku akan coba yg tony moly truz bikin perbandingan dengan ni...

  2. The colour is so pretty! I thought it'd be quite bright but it's not too bright at all ^^

    1. yups....the color really nice..
      I love it too..

      thank you for visiting
      keep in touch dear..:)

  3. wahh temen ku juga sampai 3 orang beli ini, tapi warna pink yang paling tua, ini warna apa ya. soalnya aku pengen coba jg antara yg peach atau pink ^^

    1. iya ni say....highly recommended, aku suka banget sama warna ama creamy texture nya...gak bikin bibir kering warna merah...aku jg pengen beli yg pink ato peach...mgkn harus nunggu etude house promo lagi...:)

  4. mcm mana nak order ??

    1. langsung aza Etude House Store say...
      bisa langsung dicoba disana..=)

  5. looks good on you! is this similar to the benefit tint? :)

    1. thank you. yes I think it's similar to benefit lip tint..
      but I never try benefit one..=)


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