Thursday, 22 September 2011

kose cleansing cream I'm  in my hometown..Medan..I have mentioned at the first posted..I was born in Medan and moved to Bali when I was 10 years old...I love this place becoz I can meet all my lovely family here. The food are also delicious (ˆڡˆ)...
yesterday I went to Sun plaza medan..I think is the largest shoppping mall in Medan..\(◦'⌣'◦)/..
I went to Kose store and bought kose cleansing cream...I am using camera phone from blackberry took this picture. sorry about the quality of the picture.. sometimes its goes darker or lighter. 

here are my review with kose Cleansing cream...I am using dolly wink liquid eyeliner - waterproof eyeliner...(>_<) usually I am using etude mascara remover to clean this eyeliner... but this time I try using this  kose cleansing cream. The Sales Promotion Girl @ kose said it can remove all liquid and waterproof make up. I think I have ever used this kose cleansing cream a long time ago.. but in different packages. the last one has been expired and I have throw it away...and this time I buy it again.. this cleansing cream can remove waterproof make up and make the skin become silky and smoother.  

Beauty de Kose white succeed cleansing Cream..make up remover for eyes, lip and face. The cream are really soft and smell good and make skin smooth and silky...
I am so in love with this cleansing cream..

I got free gift..

- beauty de kose mascara fantasist long show lengthening Mascara
- Beauty de kose esprique precious SP001
- Beauty de kose ultimation powder make up fond de teint poudre SPF 15/PA++

What I love?
- soft and smell good
- make the skin smooth and silky
- easily to remove waterproof make up

What I hate?
- the  price is so expensive..(¬_¬") ...495.000

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Rainbow Jelly giveaway

here it's another gorgeous giveaway...
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my life so beautiful.. Why I'm so damn lazy to do my bf really want me to finish it faster then I back to I can meet him everyday...I want it...but I so so lazy to do it right hunnie....=D ur gf are so patient with me plz...I will finish it on time before the due date..16 desember...(>_<)

Lulu's First giveaway

I'm so busy in the so bad I haven't start my thesis yet...every night browsing and doing facebook,,,so lazy to do my thesis...I don"t know when I can start and finish it...huwaa...kind of here it' remove my stress...I keep browsing and list my wish-list review to my notebook..wait for my another makeup review and product review...cheers (>_<)
I am joining this hello kitty so much..want it...(>_<)
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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Hello kitty cosmetic travel bag

hello guys...its been a while since I flight from bali to jakarta. back to my reality, university life. T_T
this time I don't live in dormitory..miss my room-mate a lot...(>_<) fighting for final report and Thesis...pray for me...cross finger..I will past all this annoying things and back to beautiful home and life...yeah..!!
today review I am going to show you guys what is in my hello kitty cosmetic bag...I bought this through facebook Ping Store and this is their website Ping Store. They sell a lot of cute item like hello kitty, my melody, doraemon, disney, winnie the pooh, keropi, mickey&minnie, snoppy,etc.

this picture taken one day before I went to Jakarta. its fits to my luggage. I think its big enough to bring it on travelling or live in other country for quite long period, and the points is all my make up collection fitted to this cosmetic
okay guys, I will keep doing some product review and make up review for you guys and Yeah!!I'm in Jakarta right now...Shopping till la...I save a lot of money for
cheers and enjoy!

What I love?
- pink and hello kitty
- big enough for travelling.
- all of my limited make up collection fit to this cosmetic bag
- cheap and I got disc for it.. forgot the price but its worth it...

What I hate?
- nothing

from wei_goddess
thanks for read my blog.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Dolly wink Eyeliner

hello guys, I just found very cute and lovely eyeliner from japan,I have known a lot about this eyeliner and start to searching where I can buy this eyeliner in website and Facebook but most of the item are PO..its mean I have to wait for 2-3weeks to get this eyeliner...hufft..I'm too lazy to wait.
I heard they had koji stand in Sogo, Seibu and debenhams if I was no mistaken and I"m planning to buy this eyeliner when I go to difficult to get it...T_T
and then when I was in Sogo Discovery Shopping Mall Bali, look around for something cute in the beauty corner, I never realize they sell Koji dolly wink eyeliner...hmm...coz its so difficult to get cute Korean and Japanese Cosmetic in Bali...may be they have it but its so expensive...I need to save more to buy it...
okay...This time I bought two eyeliner...Pencil eyeliner and Liquid eyeliner..and I got discount 20% each excited...yeah...\(◦'⌣'◦)/.. They also sell false lashes from Tsubasa Masuwaka...can't wait to buy it too.. yey..

so cute package

pencil eyeliner

liquid eyeliner

They have really cute and lovely black ribbon on the cute...!!!
when I use this eyeliner, its really long lasting eyeliner..really recommended eyeliner.!!^^

what I love?
- Cute Package
- long-lasting eyeliner
- deep black color

What I hate?
- Expensive, for the eyeliner its cost hundred thousand IDR...anyway its Japanese brand, as I know most of the Japanese brand are so wonder, fiuh...(>_<) 
for the cute package and long lasting eyeliner it's worth it..^o^

Thank for read my blog...^^

Thursday, 1 September 2011

lovely giveaway

this is one of the most lovely mini giveaways I have ever found from cominica beauty blog...
I really want the false lashes...^^

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Hello.. I just want to share this great giveaway..join and win it...^^
good luck for you guys...

birthday-giveaway-international from
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