Saturday, 25 February 2012

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush

hello sista...bored weekend again in jakarta..stay in my brother room, watch movie, facebook, and update my
I miss my boyfriend so much...I still need to stay in here for like 2 months..hikss...
I spent my valentine day with my office's friends, having lunch party, taking a picture kinda fun anyway. but still missing something..chocolate..hiks..I don't get any damn sad..

today review I am going to show you guys what I just bought from Dolly House
I found something really cute and lovely. 
Physicians Formula Cosmetic is USA brand cosmetics. when I saw this product on some blog review, makes me wanna purchase this, look at the different shape of heart on the pan, feel love and happy..mood boosting love it..

Physicians Formula

Happy Booster
Glow & Mood Boosting Blush  in Natural

Look Happy! Feel Happy! A skin Perfecting Glow with a Mood Boosting Effect

Front side
Front side - close up
 Back side

Packaging size - 7g

The brush
Swatch on my hand
After blended -  look natural pink
What I like?
- Cute Packaging, 
- Pink and lovely hearts
- Sweet scent
- Hypoallergenic, Non-comedogenic, Paraben-free, Dermatologist approved, 
claims from the Physicians Formula.
What I hate?
- hard to find in Indonesia.
- quite expensive for size 7g, but it's come along with cute and lovely packaging. The price is still OK for me...

Will I Repurchase again?
yes, I has another shade color, Rose which is more Pinky Color.


  1. Wow! The design is so cute! I would love to buy one!

  2. They are so cute!! lovely design.

    1. yeah..:)
      thank you for stop by to my blog.

  3. this looks really cute. Wouldn't mind trying it out :D x

    1. thank you...'s really cute..>__<

  4. Aww, the packaging is perfectly cute!
    It looks so subtle and natural when blended too~ Thanks for the review ^^

    1. yea...ur welcome..
      the packaging really cute and lovely...

  5. I love your mood boosting blush! It's soooo~ cute! :) Have you heard of "White day?" On Mar.14th, guys are suppose to give candies to his lovers!! Maybe you can get your candies then!

    1. thank you sooji...
      I've ever heard about white day..but in Indonesia seems like we don't have this
      may be I will share with my
      thank you for ur sweet comment...
      keep in touch...:)

  6. i've read so many good things about this product, thanks for sharing ^_^
    the packaging is cute too!!
    stop by sometime :D

    1. yeah...same as me...I have read so many good review about this...
      and make wanna try this out..and finally I bought it...
      the packaging also so cute...lovely and sweet...
      really pigmented when apply on my face...

  7. I just bought this because I'm curious with the ingredient that can boost "happy" mood.. LOL!


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