Thursday, 25 August 2011

wei_goddess new blog

hello...My name is wei_goddess....
I'm Indonesia girl, I Love Pink and Hello kitty..I love to watch movie,all type of movie especially Korea movies...I'm learning Korean language from the movies and other language as well. I can speak mandarin becoz I was born in Chinese culture family. I have to speak Hokkian with all my family. My mom taught me mandarin when I was child and I continue to study Mandarin when I was in high school, since my high school is national plus school, CHIS so I learned 3 language, Mandarin, English and Bahasa Indonesia.I have talented in proud of it... (>_<) I have ever learned Japanese language when I was in high school..I love Japan that why I'm so excited when my family ask me to learn Japanese now I only remember a little bit word coz I never use useless...I will learn it again after graduate from univ. 

where are you come from? I was born in Medan and growing up in Bali...I have been lived in Bali for 11 year...I really love Bali, like everyone do, they want come to Bali for holiday..and for me Bali Everyday is Holiday...I have a lot of fun here, nice place and view, delicious food, a lot of friendly people and the most important is my family,boyfriend and friends are here... I'm so in Love with

Currently, I am studying at President University Cikarang, Jababeka major in banking and finance. Nice!! I have change a lot during studying in this university; I have a lot of friends from overseas, be active and mature...I lived in dormitory with my best friends, Bella, Gracia and Febri. they have taught me a lot of things....bcoz I used to be childish...hehehe...sorry, u guys have to take care of me a lot...and thank you everything, u guys have share to hugs..xoxo...^^

why I choose Finance as my major???I don't know either..I feel this subject are so boring and complicated. I have known it for a long time ago and I keep going with this subject for 3 years...yeah!! and I still don't know what I have learned...I forget everything after exam and I need to study it again. anyways It will finish "juz take it easy!" yeah!! (>_<) I don't want to make my life more complicated since I still have another problem -_-"

what I love to do??I love Design, Art, and Photography. I love to do photo editing..and I really love make up and fashion..coz they are art too..I love to read fashion magazine, beauty blog... and I decided to make my own blog..I wanna share my interest all about make up, fashion and beautiful place I have ever been in me to make it become successful blog..I'm still learning how to design and place widget to make my blog become nicer. ^o^ keep supporting me..thx

what am I doing right now??ok...I juz finished my internship in Bali..yeah..!so free...
why I choose Bali as the place for my internship?why it's not Jakarta???coz I'm sick of jakarta...I hate being there...everyday is like hell...traffic jam, hot, pollution and crowded area..although I have a lot of nice friend in Jakarta...but I hate being there..and finally I finished my internship in logistics company..I learn a lot of experience and knowledge about finance. hell yeah!!I still have another project to do...(-__-") " Final report for internship and THESIS..." hope I can pass it and back to my beautiful life...yeah! do everything I Love...has been waiting for a long time...nice!!

what I will going to do in the future??hm..I will take a make up class, coz I'm still lack of make up skill, but I will try my best to do make up review for you guys and learning photo editing with my boyfriend, since he is good at it.. and he is photographer..I'm so in love with everything about him, so I will prepare my self to help him..yeah! I love art and it my chance to do and learning what I love and wanted...yeah!!so happy I got dream comes true becoz of him...thank you hunnie...Danny Halim Sentosa..I will share his website in this blog too..^o^...

Ok...I love writing..I will try to write everything I love and I hate...I hate to be liar...coz I don't people lie to I want be honest as much as I about secret? will u tell anyone?no..!!I will keep silent..or pretend I don't know anything...hahahah...(>_<) being innocent as usual..

okay..!!!finally I made blog...yeah!
keep reading my blog..ignore it if u don't like my blog or may be u can share and give some collection if I have made a mistake....coz nobody's perfect. I'm still learning too...I will try to share everything I know about beauty, fashion, cute, sweet and lovely item with u guys..xoxo
Thank for reading my blog..have a nice day...^o^
 " Life is beautiful "  

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