Friday, 6 July 2012

K-Palette 24 H Real Lasting Eyepencil (Super Black)

Hello my promise I will give more update to my blog....May be I will be very busy for this month because I have given a project to make program for Inventory stock for the company and it make me bless..I can do it..fighting!!( ̆ ᴥ ̆ ) 

Do you know about  K-palette?
" K-Palette has been consistently rated as one of the top three selling eyeliners in Japan with 1 billion pieces sold since first inception in the market there 5 year ago. The best selling eyeliner from one of Japan's largest cosmetic manufacturer cuore cosme was first launched in Singapore in November 2007"

Probably everyone have been familiar with K-Palette 1 day Tattoo real lasting eyeliner.
I've been searching for this eyeliner, but it's really hard to find the online store who have ready stock of this item in Indonesia. Most of them has been sold out. T_T. 

I never use liquid eyeliner before I found Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner, and at the first using liquid eyeliner, it's really hard for me to apply on my eyelid, coz I'm not usual use it, but after try a few time, I become love liquid eyeliner than Pencil, why? because sometimes pencil eyeliner easier to smudge. I have ever tried Dolly wink Eyepencil, it's glides smoothly on my lids, but if I use for one day, it'll smudge and look washed out..dissapointed.

This time I try K-Palette 24 H Real Lasting Eyepencil. This is the best eye pencil I have ever try.  you know as what it's written; K-Palette 24 H Real Lasting Eyepencil (Super Black) whoaahhh...I really amazed with this eyepencil. I have ever try to use it for one day, I mean I'm not gonna use it for 24 hour, (¬ . ¬") I use it from morning till night, it's stay still on my eyelid, not washed out and not smudge.  I Love it and highly recommended it to you. I got this at online store at Facebook veronika wijaya.

K-Palette 24 H Real Lasting Eyepencil (Super Black) 
This waterproof eyepencil is specially formulated to created long-lasting eyeline. with versality for natural graduation eyeline effect. you cna also use it to line the inside of your eyelids and the base of your lashes for a more intensified look  

it comes in a smooth pencil tip that glides on skin easily. This waterproof eyepencil creates lasting and non-smudge eyeline withstands water, sweat, and skin sebum. the intensive color stay infact all day long.

it's so user friendly that it's perfect for beginners. No sharpening of pencil required.

How to use:
1. twist eyepencil out 2mm before use, twist it back before capping
2. remove with luke warm water or eye makeup remover

Instruction at the back side, how to use this eyepencil.
you don't have to sharp it before use, only twisted it out and line your eyes.
 swatch on my hand, smooth and super black color.
 Rub a few time with my hand, the color remove a lil bit
 Drop water and rub it, it's still there, but the color washed out a lil bit, Quite waterproof
 use Lioele eye remover, the color definitely washed out
 glide smoothly on my eyes, can be use to create wing at the end of my eyes. 
I love K-Palette 24h eyepencil (♥_♥)
Ps. please bear with my super messy hair, I just back from office, I've been stressing out, new job means new responsibility.

What I love?
- waterproof
- smudge proof
- super black color
- affordable
- easy to use

What I hate?
- hard to get it in Indonesia
Will I repurchase?
yes, absolutely. I want the eyeliner too.


  1. wahhh berapa ini harganya? >_< beneran ngga smudge sama sekali??
    *kena racun*

    1. kemarin beli pas lagi sale vee..
      jadi kalo gak salah aku beli nya 110.000 d...
      cob cek aza di FB nya veronika wijaya, spertinya K-palette eyeliner sama eyepencil coming soon d..

      iya gak smudge sama sekali..mgkn tergantung eyelid kita y..aku pernah pake dari pagi pergi gereja, truz jj plngnya malam, eyeliner nya masi ok di mata. yg mulai ilang itu malah wrn eyeshadow ama bedak ku..hahahah...

      tapi pas kemaren aku swatch di tngn, di gosok beberapa kali wrnnya sedikit pudar..aku juga gak ngerti kog bisa gt..mgkn aku gosok terlalu keras..:)

      thank you for visiting

  2. kalo ini buat waterline juga gak smudge ya ?
    btw nice review <3

    1. Iya lo say..gak smudge...
      Thank you via...

  3. wow.. the wing looks pretty sharp for a pencil liner. nice..

  4. this eyepencil...
    can be use to create sharp wing, and ease application as well...

  5. the eyeliner looks pretty on you... gue blom lancar bikin eyeliner pake pencil liner.. :D
    anyway... i'm giving the blog award for you, check it out <3


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