Sunday, 10 June 2012

The most Memorable Moment - Graduation Ceremony

hello I promise I will post my graduation picture..I think it's a too late to share it by now.. anyway, actually I have a lot beauty product to review, but I'm lazy to take a picture and swatch it, when I back home from work, I feel so tired, I take a bath, laying on my bed and relieve my stress. I don't want to see my laptop anymore after home from work.
and this time I have free time in the office so I decided to post my Graduation Ceremony picture taken on April 24, 2012 at Movieland Jababeka. OMG, I think its too, passed more than a month.
For me graduation ceremony is like wedding ceremony it's only come once a time in our life, but not for people who take master degree or professor degree  since I don't planning to take master degree, so I think this is the most memorable moment in my life. (-^o^-)
I remember the first time I entered this university, I just graduated high school student, #childish#, Passive, unsocial, lol...YES! that I am, I always go everywhere with my dorm mate, even in the class, I rarely speak to other people, and they thought, I was foreigner, Chinese or Vietnamese, coz I was only talking with the foreign student, never speak to Local student. They start talk in English to when I talk in Indonesia Language, they were very surprise. How come I can speak Indonesia language so fluently? and they were really impressive again when I told them I was from Bali. lol..I know everyone love Bali, The Most Beautiful Island. anyway I change a lot now, I have a lot of lovely friends, become more active, and socialize.
I have a lot of memorable moment with my dorm-mate, class-mate, uni-friend; Sad, happy, Stress, Depressed during mid-term and final exam.
Yes!!! I'm Graduated..really really grateful. \(^o^)/
Here are some picture of mine during graduation day. #taken by my boyfriend#, some with my own camera.
I done my hair at Peter F. Saerang Saloon, may be you want to see the detail of my hairstyle, but I don't take a picture of it..sorry..Highly recommended Peter F. Saerang. 
I done make up by my self. I want to look natural nor too heavy make up, the first time I put false lashes on my (I think you can see the detail of my make up, may be u can see it if I zoom the picture, but too sad I don't have it). 


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  1. you look lovely in your pics! i like how your hair is down, simple but cute ^__^


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