Saturday, 9 March 2013

NYX ♥ Retractable eyeliner - 03 Aqua Green

Hello everyone...Happy sunday...
I love using eyeliner, cause it can make my eyes look bigger, I used to have Black and brown eyeliner back then, but since I love to play with make up, I think I suppose to have more Colorfull eyeliner beside eyeshadow. so this time I am going to share with you NYX ♥ Retractable eyeliner - shade No.3 Aqua Green.

NYX ♥ Rectractable eyeliner

Description from website
Take your look to a whole new level of beautiful by emphasizing your eyes! The creamy texture of our Retractable Liner for eyes delivers intense pigmentation while it moisturizes. The formula is renowned for its lasting power. Illuminate your eyes with a variety of 18 mesmerizing eye shades!

NYX ♥ retractable eye liner - No. 3 Aqua Green
 I don't have to shape it...
Love it..>_<
Swatch on my Hand, the color is really pretty and shimmering...
I Love shimmer and sparkling.\\(-^^-)//``
First smudge -  No smudgeproof..T_T
 Second smudge with water, the color is starting to disappear..:'(
No waterproof
 The color is really disappear...OMG...!!!!

What I love?
- Cheap Price. $8 or IDR 80ish forget the price
- Easy to use. I don't have to shape it before use.
- Easy to create smudge liner, because its creamy texture.
- Shimmering and sparkling color
- 18 Different shades

What I hate?
- No smudgeproof
- No waterproof

Will I repurchase?
I think no...


  1. wah too bad ya, gak smudgeproof. waterproof pun gak >_<
    padahal warnanya cakep bgt ~

  2. ya ampunnn, mengecewakan ya ga smudgeproof dan waterproof wi.. tp warnanya bagus, ngejreng ^^

  3. iya sedikit mengecewakan...:(


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