Monday, 11 March 2013

Max Factor Lip Gloss

Hello everyone...Happy Silent day for Balinese..Yes I live in Bali, I really can feel the silence day crowded outside, all people were staying at home, No car, No's silence Stay all day at home sweet home is kind a boring, but I can take a rest for only one day, I think not that bad.:)

Today to heal my boredom I will review Max Factor Lip Gloss.
I got it free from Max Factor like last forget when it is excatly, but anyway I got it free and I love it. The smell of this lip gloss is like bubble gum, yes its sweet and however I can't stand of the glittery on my lips. actually I love shimmering, sparkling and glitter, but for glittering lip gloss, kind a childish and and it doesn't last long...

Product Detail from the Website
This season’s lips are going glossy, glossy, glossy! Arm yourself with our slick new Vibrant Curve Effect Lip Gloss to put yours in the spotlight. Hot from backstage and tested by our top fashion make-up artists it’s curvy applicator hugs your lips for a fuller, more curvaceous look. With its high shine, non-sticky formula and 10 new irresistible on trend shades to try there’s no excuse to fade into the background.

Those 10 beautiful shades are:
01 Understated
03 Trend Setter
04 Me me me
06 Vibrant
07 Smart
08 Dominant
11 Fashion Leader
12 Urban Queen
14 Majestic
15 Intuitive
 From top to bottom: Understand, Trend Setter, Me me me, Vibrant, Smart, Dominant, Fashion Leader, Urban Queen, Majestic and Intuitive
What I love?
- Smell good, like a bubble gum
- taste  good and sweet *yummy
- Cheap price around $ 7
- Easy to get in My Country.
- The formula of the lipgloss is not sticky
- 10 shades different colours. kind a good deal.

What I hate?
- Shimmering lip gloss.
- it's doesn't last long

Will I repurchase?
May be yes.


  1. aww u looks so pretty <3
    btw, I'm following your blog :)


  2. Stephanie Indah Mulya13 March 2013 at 10:07

    I bought this today (shade 13: in the spotlight) after reading your review :D thank you!!

  3. Mishka Z Lawrence20 June 2013 at 00:52

    Great review! I’m a big Max Factor fan! I tried out the Max Factor Max Effect Lip Gloss about a month ago and I am so happy with the results! Have you tried it? You can check out my review below


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