Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Max Factor Flipstick Colour Effect

Happy New Year 2013...New Joy, New Spirit....(>_<)
What you guys doing for celebration of New Year Eve? I was going to church and be gratefull to my almighty Jesus. Thank you for the full of blessing in 2012...

Do you guys looking for good pigmentation Lipstick?
Yups, I'm looking for it, and I think I have found one. \\(^o^)//
It's a drugstore Lipstick from Max Factor. This is the first time I purchased Max Factor, I was so random at that time. well yea. at the first I just judge the packaging of Max Factor were so cheap. lol. I was wrong expectation for this brand. This brand were so awesome, the quality is great. I love it.

Max Factor Flipstick Colour Effect.
 I dislike the packaging...
*look so cheap..sorry max factor, I'm just telling the truth...
The Left side => Bloomy Pink, 
The Right side => Salsa Red.
The 1st one I mixed the purple and pink together
The last one I mixed Red and Orange together
 From the top -> Bare Lip, 
2nd and 3rd-> Bloomy Pink, 
4th and 5th -> Salsa Red

 There are 8 shades available:
1) Bloomy Pink 5
2) Folky Pink 10
3) Boreal Mauve 15
4) Mosaic Mauve 20
5) Salsa Red 25
6) Swingy Brown 35
7) Gipsy Red 30
8) Melody Brown 40

What I love?
- pretty good pigmentation, even after I finish eating, the lipstick still on my lips..(>_<)
- Creamy and smooth Texture.
- Quite Moisturizer on my lips.
- double end flipstick
- Affordable price.

What I hate?
- cheap Packaging
- I hate when I close the cap, the lipstick sometimes stick on the cap, and it make cap become dirty and I need to be really careful when I put the cap in it.

Will I repurchase?
yes, I want have another nude/brown/orange colors


  1. Sabrina Tedjokusuma1 January 2013 at 08:17

    beli d ini wi?

    1. Aku beli di Matahari dept. Store sab..good pigmentation...

  2. sempet pngen bli ini soalnya lngsung dpt 2 warna haha.. >.<
    suka sama yg no 4 ^^

    nice review


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