Saturday, 13 October 2012

When the blue meet Yellow

Hello everyone, so random for today, actually I want to write product review, but I'm just too lazy for it, so I think I just post OOTD with new purse from brand " Tods ". kinda wierd of brand's name dad bought it for me last month, as you know this one were the first yellow's purse/bag that I have ever had, 
The first time I saw this purse, my heart thinking, ewww, Yellow, I hate Yellow. but after taking closer look, I think this purse were so pretty and nice color. The shape for this bag is really nice as well as simple yet look elegant, but too bad, It just too small, 
I love use big bag, because I can put everything I want to bring in those big bag, but sometimes, I need to change my style, so I asked my dad to buy it for me, spoiled me a lot dad, I have been working, I should buy it by my self, but I need to save more for Make up class's budget. after start I still need to have more budget for the Make up stuff. T_T

I still learn how to setting the lighting for taking picture in my room, and editing the lighting and color from the photoshop, sorry if some picture look blurry. my bad..:-( 

I wear this outfit when I was going out with my boyfriend to celebrate our anniversary day. We went to eat at Fish and Co. I love the place and the food is really yummy, I recommended The best fish and Chip in town, Is the best and I love it, however the prize is quite expensive, anyway I love it, and I will back to there again and again. I don't have the picture in me, it's in my boyfriend's phone. 
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congratulation for janet for 300k hits celebration. 
wow such an amazing achievement!!keep blogging dear..:)
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  1. huahhhh, lucu sekali tas kuningnya.. ahahaaa
    kameranya juga lucu weiiii, mau mauuuu :D

  2. ahhaha...thank you nia....iya suka bgt sama tas ini, tp kecil bgt...TT
    itu kamera sony udah model lama, pengen beli mini DSLR...>_<

  3. Cute purse :) I've given your blog a liebster award!


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