Saturday, 10 September 2011

Hello kitty cosmetic travel bag

hello guys...its been a while since I flight from bali to jakarta. back to my reality, university life. T_T
this time I don't live in dormitory..miss my room-mate a lot...(>_<) fighting for final report and Thesis...pray for me...cross finger..I will past all this annoying things and back to beautiful home and life...yeah..!!
today review I am going to show you guys what is in my hello kitty cosmetic bag...I bought this through facebook Ping Store and this is their website Ping Store. They sell a lot of cute item like hello kitty, my melody, doraemon, disney, winnie the pooh, keropi, mickey&minnie, snoppy,etc.

this picture taken one day before I went to Jakarta. its fits to my luggage. I think its big enough to bring it on travelling or live in other country for quite long period, and the points is all my make up collection fitted to this cosmetic
okay guys, I will keep doing some product review and make up review for you guys and Yeah!!I'm in Jakarta right now...Shopping till la...I save a lot of money for
cheers and enjoy!

What I love?
- pink and hello kitty
- big enough for travelling.
- all of my limited make up collection fit to this cosmetic bag
- cheap and I got disc for it.. forgot the price but its worth it...

What I hate?
- nothing

from wei_goddess
thanks for read my blog.


  1. kerennnnn ci :3:3 hwhhw Isinyaaaa juga mantabbbb dah ckckck (y) (y)

    1. thank you..
      tapi sekarang alat2 kosmetik ku sudah tidak muat di tas ini lagi..:(
      sorry for late reply.


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