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Coastal Scents 12 Pcs Brush Set

Hello girls, all my follower and reader...thank for you who still update with my blog...
I've been so busy recently..lack of post update as always..^_^
This time I will show you my first Make up brush set from "Coastal Scents". I think everyone have been known about "coastal scents" 's brand. klik on this link coastal scents (if you hasn't know about this product yet). They're selling Eyeshadow palette (shimmer and Matte), Blush palette, lips palette. Everything is complete for beginner or pro-make up artist. 
I have been owned 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette, and 10 colors blush palette. This time I will show my Coastal Scents 12 Pieces Brush set. My first make up brush set is traveling brush set from the Face Shop which is I got it free because I purchase more than IDR.500k). nah I think it's no enough for me. I want to have another professional make up brush set. I have been seaching a lot through online, googling, read another beauty blog review, and I end up with Sigma 12 pcs essential kit - Make me Blush as my wishlist now. Sigma still not available in Indonesia so online purchase only and the price is so expensive.  I am thinking to purchase it, when I've learned Make up and focus make up to my career. 
yups I think if you guys follow my blog, you will find out that I want to learn make up, I still prepare for the budget, working hard to achieve my dream;
" become Professional MUA and work together with my lovely boyfriend"
ok.. I'm just beginner, not pro la...and I know Make up brush is the most important tools for make up artist. So this time I am looking affordable price of make up brush, but still having good quality, and I choose 

Coastal Scent 12 Pieces Brush Set 

From the website:

Create your ideal look effortlessly with Coastal Scents 12 Piece Brush Set. This set includes twelve matte black, wooden handled, silver ferrule professional brushes that enable you to create a wide range of looks. The brushes are a mixture of natural and synthetic bristles, allowing you to choose the right brush for your needs. The fully equipped leatherine case is imprinted with the Coastal Scents logo and includes an individual slot for each of the twelve brushes. The case is also easily foldable and snaps closed, safely securing your brushes during travel.

Classic Blush Large Natural 
This Classic Blush Large are ideal for blending, shading, and contouring the cheekbones as well as highlighting the face. I love this brush, the hair bristle is really dense and make me easier to apply mineral blush, powder or bronzer.
Classic Blush Angle Small Natural 
This Classic Blush Angle Small Brush is a good choice for contouring and defining cheekbones, could be use to apply mineral powder, bronzer or highlighter as well. The hair bristle is very dense and not stiff at all. 
Classic Foundation Small Synthetic 
This classic foundation small synthetic brush is good choice to apply and blending liquid foundation, BB cream or cream to face. It create a smooth finish.
I really love this foundation brush, I prefer to use this brush when applying BB cream than with my finger after get this foundation brush, because it more hygiene than using finger. Sometimes I'm lazy to use this brush because I have to clean it always to avoid any germs attached to the end the hair bristle.
Classic Shadow Medium Synthetic 
This Classic Shadow Medium Synthetic brush is ideal for applying any type of eyeshadow. The hair bristle are wide shape and condensed. Could be used for highlighting the brow bone and shading the crease as well.
I love this shadow brush, because it make me easier to apply eyeshadow around my eyelid and highlight my brow bone area. but if I want to put more color to my eyelid, I think I need smaller brush than this.
Classic Blender Doefoot Synthetic
The Classic Blender Doefoot is the best brush for blending, shading, and contouring. The hair bristle is very soft yet dense. This brush may also be used for mineral concealer around the eye and highlighting the brow.
I love using this brush to shading eyeshadow around crease area and blend concealer.
Classic Blender Pointed Natural
The Classic Blender Pointed Brush is good for contouring, shading, or applying black eyeshadow at the end of lower line. This brush may also be used to precisely shade and define your crease with luminous shades.
This brush shape look like pencil brush. I love to use this brush to blend eyeliner at the end of lower lash line, shading crease as well.  
Classic Concealer Small Synthetic 
This Classic Concealer Small Synthetic is very soft and ideal to blend eyebrow pencil or using black or brown eyeshadow to define my eye brow and smudge eyeliner below lash line. I use this classic concealer small synthetic to blend concealer to conceal dark circle under the eyes and cover any scars.
Classic Detail Round Synthetic
This Classic Detail Round Brush could be use for apply cream eyeliner or smudge the eye pencil to create natural shadow of strong black eyeliner. The shape is small, and the bristle is soft and dense. This brush may also be used to highlight the brow bone as well. 
Classic Detail Pointed Synthetic 
This Classic Detail Pointed Brush is use to line, contour, and blend with ease. The size of the tapered tip is ideal for reaching smaller areas, as well as smudging liquid and cream based products.
sometimes I use this brush to apply lipstick as well. 
Classic Liner Angle Small Synthetic 
This classic liner angle small synthetic could be used with cream eyeliner for creating dramatic cat-eye effect with the wings shape. yups..absolutely love this brush, make me easier to apply cream eyeliner and created a lot of smokey eye style. 

Classic Angled Liner Synthetic
This classic angled Liner synthetic can be used with liquid or cream based product.
This is the most unique brush I have ever, look at those shape, the first time I saw it, I thought how to use this brush, I have ever another MUA using this brush on youtube, when I have it, I am wondering how to use this brush, it doesn't matter, I will try.
Classic Lash Brow Comb
This classic brow comb have synthetic bristle brush grooms and shape brows, the metal teeth of the comb help to evenly separate lashes and remove built-up mascara.

What I love?
- The brush mostly are soft and smooth
- Density is good
- not stiff 
- Leather black case, good quality as well.
- black matte color.
- easy to bring it on traveling
- good choice for beginner make up artist

what I hate?
- hard to get in indonesia

will I repurchase?
yes. Coastal scents also have another 22 Piece Brush Set


  1. look so good ^^ beli dmn ni? brp? hehe

  2. aku pengen beli jga,
    tpi bingung ><
    my yg full sets

  3. keren keren.. kdg aku syang beli brush set krn yg satuan ud ada jg, klo beli lg ntar jd double ._. tp aku jg pengen tuh yg sigma >.<

  4. beli di Make up Brush ni vee....iya..bole dicoba kog..harganya juga murah..worth it with the quality...

  5. iya..bole dicoba yang ini say...utk belajar2 make up..harganya jg terjangkau lho..
    bole cek di make up brush
    thank you for visiting..:)

  6. hi rin..thank you...
    aku beli ini utk belajar2 make up si..jadi sblm jadi pro ama on budget...jadi belinya blm bisa yg mahal2...ehhehe...
    sigma is the best y rin....


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