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Precious BB Cream Mineral SPF30/PA++ Sheer Glowing Skin Etude house

Hello lovely ladies...
today I wanna share my first BB cream, I have it since February last year, purchase at the Etude House Counter. I got 50% discount that day. I heard some people told nicely about bb cream, I was curious to try it on, so this is my first time purchase of BB cream, The second time is my Lioele miniature set BB cream. it you haven't read my review click here
I love those Lioele Water Drop and Beyond Solution BB cream more than this one. I rarely use this bb cream, Because I think this BB cream isn't recommended for my combination skin type which is oily-dry skin. every time I used this Precious BB Cream Mineral  SPF30/PA++ Sheer Glowing Skin Etude house my skin feel like sticky, dry and I feel uncomfortable. This BB cream give some glowing effect to my face. 

Precious Mineral BB Cream All Day Strong promotes silky complexion and brightened look with pearl infused sheer coverage. Improved SPF protection with hypoallergenic and oil-free formula.

SPF30 / PA++ UV protection
Anti-Wrinkle & Whitening Properties
Anti-Darkening Properties 

#1 Sheer Silky Skin (Matte Finish, Normal-Dry skin type)
#2 Sheer Glowing Skin (Dewy Finish, Glowing effect, shimmering, Normal-dry skin type)*
#3 Sheer Flawless Skin (Semi Matte finish, high Coverage) 

Mine is Shade #2 Sheer Glowing Skin 
The Real size-packaging is cute
Front Side
Back side

Share no.2 Sheer Glowing Skin
Blend it ^o^
Give glowing effect to my skin tone, might be you can't see the difference becoz of the super bright lighting. 

What I like?
- easy to get in my country
- easy to apply and blend
- quite cute packaging
- Glowing effect after used.

What I don't like?
- Not recommended for Combination Oily-dry skin type
- Less coverage, I hope it's give Dewy finish look.
- no oil control. after stay outdoor for 3-4 hours, I feel my face become sticky and oily.
- the pump is hard to control. sometimes its hard to pump it out.

Will I Repurchase again?
No. I'm looking for another brand BB cream with high coverage, anti wrinkle,and heal my acne scars
any suggestion?


  1. Try BRTC If you want high coverage ^^

  2. I love the result, this bb cream gives such a glowing skin finish.. but I wish the coverage is way better! Lemme know if you've already found one ;)
    I am now using Lioele Triple the Solution bb cream, a little bit pricey but worth every penny! Think it's better than the Beyond the Solution one, because it also contains SPF 30++, whitening and wrinkle care. This Lioele gives dewy finish, but I think I need more >.<

    anyway i gave you an award, check it out here :
    hope you like it ♥

    1. I have heard and read a lot of good review about Lioele triple solution bb cream and want to try Lioele triple solution as well..
      thank you for your suggestion..

      thank you for the reward u given to me..
      I will check it out

  3. aku jg pnya ini tp shade no 3. ga gt suka sih, skrg ud ada Lioele Triple Solution BB Cream jdny aku ga pakai lg yg ini hahaha ._.

    btw i give you an award: ^^

    1. aku juga mau coba yang lioele triple solution d...jadi gak sabar untuk beli ni..bnyk udah pake jg truz blg lioele triple solution itu bagus...
      thank you atas sarannya...

      I will check it out..
      thank you

  4. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing.


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