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Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner - Holika Holika

Hello everyone..Long time no see my dear blog and Friends
I never got a time to update this blog. This Blog seems like death from June..lol..I just realize I never update since June. I've been busy again and again, in my spare time, I have done some update through Instagram and Path. if you haven't follow me yet, you can follow me @weigoddess. Thank you.

This time I would like to review one of my haul from Last August Korea Trip.
 Sorry for the picture is lil bit blurry because I took it with my phone.

anyway I will upload some picture when I was in Korea in another post. not this time, because I haven't edit the size of the picture, its will be too heavy if I put all of my picture here..lol..

Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner -  Holika Holika
I've been loving this product since I saw the swatch from the first time of their advertisement, but I don't want to purchase it through online shop here, because I have planned a trip to visit Korea last August..lol. and finally I made it, I purchase it..the price is very cheap compare to the online shop here, if I've no mistaken this is only cost 1.000-1500won. lol..its cost like super very extremely cheap.

The Packaging is simple, yet so pretty right.

Swatch on my hand, the color is pretty sheer and shimmering
Somehow I do love put bright color of eyeliner such as white or silver 
to under my eyes to brighten up the eyes. 
 First rubbing, The color still there but the glitter a lil bit fall out..wuu
 The second rub, I tried quite hard  for it, If you can see my Hand a lil bit red.
The color is starting to fade and The glitter almost gone
 I put somewater and rub again...lalala, 
the color is fading and the glitter has gone

What I love?
- Yes the packaging is pretty
- Easy to apply, but be carefull for the fall out glitter.
- The color is pretty sheer and glittering
- The price is very very very cheap.

what I Hate?
- Somehow The fall off glitter is too much when I apply under my eyes
- Quite waterproof, may be it's because glittering eyeliner. 

will I repurchase?
No. I think I regret to purchase it because I only fall in love with the packaging...for the eyeliner itself is dissapointing...because its not waterproof and the color easy to get fade. lol, but for the cheap price, I think it's okay to try it on.

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