Saturday, 15 September 2012

First Giveaway from Bello

Hello Everyone...I just found out gorgeous giveaway from Rimalama Putri. I knew her from Indonesian Beauty Blog group....yay..when I looked at this giveaway and just realize today is last day to join this giveaway...I am thinking like, I need to make a quick post about this giveaway...hmmm....may be I will be become the last one who join this's okay better the last than never...right ms. Rimalama Putri..?
such a sweet name..Putri means Princess. 
yups here are the sneak peak of her giveaway. 
After reading her rules, I have to make 1,5 paragraph about this giveaway. 
Write the weakness and Strength of her blog...ok to be honest, I'm just following her blog...and before join her giveaway I read her blog, not all her posting, only some of them..I think she gave such a detailed review and makeup tutorial. 
she just change her layout as well. I will read your post after posting this giveaway... I love how the cursor turn cute. and I want  to correct ur mistake...I think u've been typed wrong on the label amkueup ---> suppose to be makeup right???hehehhehe...
I know she really love her mom, as I can see from her discussion about this giveaway to her mom..yups...say hi! to ur mom...
I love my mom, although for my first giveaway I didn't discuss it to my

hopefully I can win it, has been staring for first prize of those giveaway
good luck for everyone..:)

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