Friday, 24 August 2012

Hello Kitty Mini Gloss

Hello's ur holiday?? I hope you guys have got a lot of about mine?don't ask holiday for me...I live in Bali, so I always state everday is holiday in Bali..lalalala...still enjoy it...\\(^0^)//

I LOVE HELLO my last June+July haul, I got a lot of Hello kitty in those today I want to review about
Hello Kitty Mini Gloss from Etude House.
I don't know when Etude House Launched this Hello Kitty Collection. I really don't know until last year, when I become super falling in love with make up, and I found this Limited Edition of Hello kitty collection from Etude house at one of online shop...hmmm....mostly it has been sold out when I want to purchase it...T_T, but when my boyfriend's cousin was coming from shanghai to Bali, my boyfriend ask her to buy some hello kitty stuff or make up stuff for me and so she was kindly bought me this hello kitty mini gloss from etude house and hello kitty's coffee cup. Thank you sweetheart...
I don't know why this product still available in that country. If I was not mistaken she bought it at the Korea airport, because she flight from shanghai to Bali, and transit in Korea first, so may be she bought it in make me wanna go to korea so badly, why most of their cosmetic stuff is really cute...OK...Back to the topic "Hello Kitty Mini Gloss"

About the packaging, I will always say, SO CUTEEEEE!!
Super love this mini lovely and so mini. yups so mini!!! I can bring it on everywhere I go, coz I can just hang it as my Handphone strap..but I never hang it on my phone, I always keep this in my cosmetic case  and only use it  for twice may


What I love?
-  Cute packaging
- can be use for Handphone strap
- taste and smell really nice, sometime I feel minty taste when applied it
- soft and creamy texture
- Moisturizing
- Hello Kitty Edition, yups I love it because tere is hello Kitty on it. lol..\\(^0^)//

What I hate?

Will I repurchase?
Yes, I want it, but where I can get another color?T_T, I think it's limited edition, can"t find it anymore

Thank you for visiting
stay tune for my first giveaways next month...

with Love, 


  1. nice packaging.. unfortunately most of etude house products are sheer :(

  2. produknya lucu banget ^^
    sayang susah nyarinya :(

  3. iya...lucu bngt...;-p
    thank you for visiting..:)


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