Saturday, 5 November 2011

Hello Kitty Cookies

hello... happy sunday..
OMG.  This year going so fast. how fast it turn to november now...mean I just have a little time to finishing my thesis...damn it.. my thesis is still 50% on progress. I think is going very well, but this thesis has driven me so crazy. The idea was stuck in the middle..OMG...fiuhh!! I need to gain more idea again and again. it's past two month I"ve been doing this thesis....u guys can skip my rambling .>_<

today I wanna show u hello Kitty cookies I juz bought a week ago...
I bought it from my friend, This Choco Hello kitty Cookies are hand made cookies from Surabaya, Indonesia.  the price is IDR. 50.000. Here it is how look like hello kitty cookies look like...every time I stress doing my thesis..jus took one and eat it..(>_<) so Yummy...


  1. Hiii!!!! u like Kitty too??:) may you share with me, where I can get that sweetty cookie???glad to c u....:D

  2. hello...sorry for the late reply..
    I purchased it from my friend and it's homemade...I think she didn't make it again...:)
    it's yummy as the cute hello kitty on it...


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